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    Throwback: Yungmoodmedia – Bad High

    I can't believe this song is 3+ years old already. Yungmoodmedia is comprised of rapper Lafic, vocalist Cokebath, and producer O.V. - I don't think many people know this but I believe they're all from Toronto! I'm so sad they haven't released anything in forever, but I believe they're still active in the Korean music scene through editing, visuals, and music making (of course). Cokebath featured on my one of my fav songs from Primary's album "shininryu": 미지근해 (feat. Cokebath) and it looks like Lafic and O.V. worked on an adidas/black pink ad which is real dope. If you like the track, check out the acoustic version below! I think…

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    danielions’ top 5 songs of last month – dec ’19

    Starting a new series for my favourite songs of the month! This list will not be limited to just Korean music but I'm sure there'll be a ton of songs from my YouTube channel anyway :) 1. wave to earth - light I lowkey love the k-rock genre. I don't think it's everyone's cup of tea but it hits different on those lonely nights/sadboi hours. I've started to collect some Korean modern rock songs for a new playlist, so expect that in the coming months!