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Throwback: Yungmoodmedia – Bad High


I wanted to start making some quick blog posts about older songs that I posted on my channel when it was less popular that are absolute BOPS. These are the songs that got me into the Korean underground / r&b scene.

Yungmoodmedia - Bad High

I can’t believe this song is 3+ years old already. Yungmoodmedia is comprised of rapper Lafic, vocalist Cokebath, and producer O.V. – I don’t think many people know this but I believe they’re all from Toronto! I’m so sad they haven’t released anything in forever, but I believe they’re still active in the Korean music scene through editing, visuals, and music making (of course). Cokebath featured on my one of my fav songs from Primary’s album “shininryu”: 미지근해 (feat. Cokebath) and it looks like Lafic and O.V. worked on an adidas/black pink ad which is real dope.  

If you like the track, check out the acoustic version below! I think I like the original slightly more but the electric guitar speaks to me in this one. 


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  • Sara

    I’ve listened to Cokebath and O.V.’s collaboration songs but I had no idea they’re from the same team. It’s also the first time I hear about Lafic. I’m defienietly gonna check every track I’ve missed.
    Ahhh and I remember when Primary released 미치근해. I was actually surprised bc he is a well known producer, while Cokebath was a really underground singer back then. I found his music through Seoul Vibes channel on yt and damn, I love his voice, I just wish he’d make more songs…

    I didn’t hear Bad High before – now I regret for checking it so late haha.
    Thank you for the article ♡

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