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A Gift from The Klipp?


Soooo I entered a contest back in Dec and just got some mail from The Klipp! Watch the video above to see what they wrote and sent me. 

If you didn’t know, The Klipp is comprised of members Lovewave and Jiye Kim (I may have said Jihye by accident in the vid…oops). I believe they’re based out of Boston/Seoul and both have pretty successful solo projects. I love love love Jiye’s “In Your Love” and many of Lovewave’s songs like “The Night” (3.6M on YouTube :o), “Our Sea”, “Moment”, and “Somebody”. You’ve also probably heard The Klipp’s song “Portland” on my “korean indie/acoustic” playlist :).

Anyways, looks like they’re out with a new track (see above)! Honestly, I don’t like it as much as their previous stuff but its a nice song for the fall/winter. I really do want to spotlight one of featuring artist’s, Ju Yoon Ha, songs though because I was so in love with it when I first discovered it. 

HOW DOES THIS ONLY HAVE 12K VIEWS AFTER 4.5 YEARS? This is a downright travesty. 
The guitar in the beginning is so mesmerizing and his deep, buttery smooth vocal color really makes me feel warm inside. Very fitting Korean title: 가을의 시작 (the beginning of autumn). 


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