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danielions’ top 5 songs – march ’20

I’ve been incredibly inconsistent with my blog posts and had the idea to create this post for like a month now -_-. Sometimes I wish I could just extract all these words and feelings I have inside and have them beautifully laid out or written by some AI program lol. But alas, creating these posts (and uploading songs and playlists to youtube) takes time and effort. I want to say that I’ve been too busy to post or that “I just can’t find the time” but in reality, I’ve just been preferring to play games and laze around in bed rather than putting pen to paper. 

The reason why I decided to start this post is because an artist I spoke today with thanked me for helping promote his music and getting him to the position he’s in today. It really meant a lot to me. I think I just need to take a step back and realize how much I’ve accomplished in the past few years. I’d like to think I’ve made a difference in some artists’ lives and maybe helped a couple of them signed. Plus, providing all y’all playlists for studying/work makes me happy too. I know that when I need to buckle down and get work done, I throw on one of my old playlists and just zone in. 

I’ve talked to some of my teacher friends and co-workers that are parents and it astounds me that so many these kiddos dream of being a youtube star rather than traditionally sought-after careers like movie actors or musicians. And here I am, squandering the opportunity to share my voice to a platform which I’ve put hundreds of hours into building these past few years. I need to find away to reignite that passion somehow. 

If you’re still reading this – thank you. It’ll never cease to amaze me how many people actually care about my thoughts and opinions hahah. Maybe inserting non-music related posts and write-ups would help with the motivation problems. A daniel blog rather than just a danielions blog, perhaps? Then again, they say do motivation is fleeting and discipline is crucial.

But I digress, here are the 5 songs (in no particular order) I wanted to share with you today:

1. The Marias - Ruthless

My, oh my. The instant I heard The Marias on some random spotify playlist I was hooked. As you can probably tell from the music video, they aren’t Korean but an indie band based out of Los Angeles. Maria, the lead singer, was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in Atlanta so you’ll notice they have some songs sung in Spanish too! Ruthless is by far my favourite song from them and probably one of the more upbeat/fun songs. Their music has been described as “psychedelic soul” but this is def more one of the pop-y tracks. But I still do get that psychedelic vibe from Ruthless as it’s hypnotically catchy. 

Like this? Listen to:
Over The Moon
Only In My Dreams
These songs fit more into the aforementioned genre. 

2. Baek Yerin - Square (Sam Kim Cover)

Okay so one of the highlights of 2020 for me is realizing that SAM KIM KNOWS WHO I AM! I tuned into his livestream sometime in January and he responded to one of my comments saying that he listens to my playlists all the time! I saved the clip onto my instagram if anyone needs proof (aka wants to see me bragging hahha). Some of you know how big of a Sam Kim fan I am so you’ll understand how monumental this is for me :). 

Anywaysssss, Sam’s cover of Baek Yerin’s Square is freaking amazing. I liked her original version ever since my friend, Heejeong, showed me a live version of this (then-unreleased) song but this version fits my aesthetic way more. Perfect for late nights or winding down before bed. Real talk, I had this on repeat for 24 hours when he first uploaded it on his channel. The octave switch at 2:08 is gravy. 

PS: If you didn’t know, Baek Yerin’s Our Love Is Great won Album of the Year at the Korean Music Awards (aka the Korean Grammy’s)! Big congrats to her. Fantastic album if you haven’t listened to it yet. 

Like this? Listen to:
Baek Yerin – Popo (how deep is our love?)
Okay this isn’t a song but Sam’s “Tie dye tutorial” vlog is freaking hilarious

3. coldnight - 널 사랑하지 않는 날이 올까 (will the day come when I don't love you)

*ALERT* coldnight is the official danielions’ “i knew this artist before they blew up” award recipient. He only has 833 followers on IG and 126 followers on soundcloud. With a voice like this and piano skills to boot (plus he’s pretty handsome) he’s guaranteed to make it big. Follow him now so you can flex on your friends when he gets popular. Really though, he has a fantastic voice and this song makes me fking cry (not literally but it probably could). 

Like this? Listen to:
Just us, nothing else
The rest of his EP eternal moment

4. Seo Jayeong - As the Season Changes

I am currently sitting here with a huge EGG ON MY FACE because of my last top 5 blog post. Seo Jayeong was featured on Nodsgn’s Blue and I mentioned that I wasn’t too keen on any of her solo releases….but I must have somehow missed this track because I am so in love with it. Just from the first words sung I knew I’d like it. Her voice is delicate yet still carries weight behind it and the guitar composition is lovely. 

I could have done without the extended bass/viola/whatever interlude at 2:00 but still love love love the song overall. 

Like this? Listen to:
Darin – After
Darin – 바닷가
(Seo Jayeong, Darin, and Corduroy Kim are all friends)

5. Chet Baker - Tenderly

“I usually only listen to Chet when I’m really depressed or really in love. Funny how that works.” – GJK (my close friend)

Ahh, Chet Baker. If you don’t know, he’s an American Jazz trumpeter/vocalist that was really popular in the 1950’s. According to wikipedia, “Baker earned much attention and critical praise through the 1950s, particularly for albums featuring his vocals (Chet Baker Sings, It Could Happen to You). Jazz historian Dave Gelly described the promise of Baker’s early career as “James Dean, Sinatra, and Bix, rolled into one.” His well-publicized drug habit also drove his notoriety and fame. Baker was in and out of jail frequently before enjoying a career resurgence in the late 1970s and ’80s.” 

I’m by no means a jazz connoisseur but enjoy listening to it on occasion – especially Chet Baker. His music has this sort of this wispy feeling of longingness or yearning for … something. This song makes me feel like I’m sipping an espresso on the streets of Paris nose-deep in a paperback novel or savouring a cucumber and gin-based cocktail in a dimly lit New York jazz club. 

Another particularly apt quote from youtube commenter Jazzerson:
People say he wasn’t the best singer, but there’s a poignance and sweetness about his voice which is way above most, and in music that’s more important, feeling. His trumpet soloing always very melodic to the point you can often sing his solos. “

Like this? Listen to:
I fall in love too easily
Time after time
Autumn Leaves


That’s it for me! Let me know which songs you’ve been feeling lately in comments below :). 
(PS: Thanks to @wanderies_ for the photo)


  • Hansheng

    Coldnight~ got me~ with his voice~ and Im a sucker for piano/ violin in music too~ *sigh* and a quick google search confirms (my future husband agrees) he is indeed attractive. What other songs would you recommend?

  • Zephyr

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for all your uploads over the past year or so. It’s helped me find a lot of great new artists and really helped me through some rough places. I also really love the aesthetic of this blog so try and post when you can.

    Oh and for a song, Friday Night Plans – Honda, its not from march but it ended up in my recommends two days ago and I love it~

    • Zephyr

      Also jesus, ignore that profile pic. That was made 7 years ago for a computer class and I have no idea how to change that so thats lame but here we are. Whee!

  • TATA

    Chet Baker is my favorite from last year and I really like his song titled “I get along without you very well”. And I’m 1000% agree with your friend, Chet Baker’s song really have magic to my soul

  • Anonymous

    I can relate to lazing around and squandering but we got this and we’ll make it. It’s okay to go at your pace as long as you never give up and always keep moving in anyway you can. Thank you for helping me get through and graduate highschool with your playlists (started watching you three years ago graduated two years ago) and now I’m coming back to your channel and just found this blog of yours as I’m trying to concentrate on my passions and finding meaning in this quarantine. Thank you <3

  • Brandy

    I have listening to your playslist for a long time. Good music really has no bounderies. I pretty much enjoy everything on the play list, Lord knows I’m not going to remember all the artists names, as I am a fosil now. Your choices of music really coincide with my youthful mind. I commented on your choice a couple of years ago, and you replied. Continue your work. You have no idea the impact your music may have on old or young. Bet you didn’t even think old folks listen lol. I’m really glad have come across you. My love for Kpop started with watching those dadburn korean movies, and listening to the artists singing. I still can’t speak Korean and I’ve been listening to this type music since 2013, you just widened my range in artist. My friends are younger and make fun of me because I’m black listening to this music. They say: “how do you know what they are say? I tell I don’t care, it sounds good.

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