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Interview with dosii

Huge thank you to dosii for letting me interview them! Check out my favourite songs by them here and show them lots of love on social media.

Please introduce yourselves to those who may not have heard of your music before.

Hi everyone, we are a duo band called dosii. We have released a total of two albums, one full length album and one remake album. 

How would you describe your music? What genres or sub-genres do you think you fall under? 

I think it is hard to say that we fall into a specific music genre. Also we don’t want to be trapped in one specific genre either. Therefore I think our music falls under the large spectrum of indie pop. 

What are your favourite lyrics you’ve written? 

I think the lyrics that really touch my heart are the lyrics to the song ‘Moon’ on our first album. I wrote the lyrics to the song when I was in a place of sorrow and I feel a sense of comfort now every time I listen or sing the song.     

Where do you draw inspiration from while writing your music? 

We get most of our inspiration from going about our daily lives. When building relationships and interacting with people, that is where most of our inspiration for our music comes from. 

Your EP ‘echo’ was comprised of remakes of older popular korean songs. How did you decide which songs to remake? 

We’ve always enjoyed listening to old music and so it didn’t take us a long time to choose the songs for our remake album. The remake album consists of songs that we already really liked in the past. 

 Jeon Ji Hye mentioned in a previous interview that “To You” (my favourite dosii song) was a track she loved off your first album. Which track off ‘echo’ do you feel most proud of and why? 

I am proud of all the tracks on the remake album but particularly like ‘Don’t Hurt Me Anymore’. For starters my vocal tone paired well with the song but most importantly we were able to deliver the tone and style of the original song whilst turning it into our own. 

I loved the visuals on your album covers, photoshoots and music videos. It suits the nostalgic vibe of your songs extremely well. Who sets your visual direction?

We wanted to maintain the retro 80-90’s style in all our photos, videos and visuals as much as possible. Nonetheless we tried our best to modernize it whilst harmonizing it with a sense of nostalgia. We’re glad that we were able to express these feelings in our visual content too.     

What songs are you currently listening to?

I have so many favorite songs but if I had to pick a couple of my current favorites they would be Sunset Rollercoaster’s ‘My Jinji’ and ‘Hydrocodone’ by Cuco. I typically listen to a lot of retro styled music. 

Are there any underground or indie artists you’d like to shout out or share? 

I really like OOHYO and The Black Skirts’s music. I think they express themselves through their lyrics with simplicity and authenticity and I can truly feel their sincerity through their music. 

What are your hobbies outside of music?

I like to go to nearby parks or quiet areas and go on walks. I enjoy taking photos of those environments and tend to keep those photos as memories. I feel at peace and carefree when I get time to myself, without the pressure of working all the time.    

Is there anything else you’d like to add or say to your international fans? 

We believe that music has the ability to transcend language and cultural barriers and knowing that people can understand and feel compassion towards our music makes me feel extremely grateful. Thank you so much for loving and supporting dosii’s music. 

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